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Peristaltic pump with low flow rates A peristaltic movement is a mechanism of fluid movement by contraction and expansion in the walls of a pipe. Peristaltic pumps use this mechanism for fluid transport. This class of pumps is closer to the positive displacement pumps. These pumps were widely used in medical applications, including the blood dialysis system, due to the non-direct contact of the fluid with the pump’s components...
A hybrid material acoustophoretic device for manipulation of microparticles Microfluidic devices have enabled the miniaturization of laboratory devices and allowed for a quick process of sample-to-answer with a minute amount of samples. These devices have been used to separate, sort, focus, pattern, wash, and manipulate bioparticles using ultrasound waves. Acoustophoretic microfluidic devices use bulk acoustic waves in a closed fluid cavity or surface acoustic waves...
Biomechanical charactrization of cornea The aim of this study is in two following research subjects: 1- To understand the biomechanical behavior of cornea and its effect on IOP measurement process. The eye globe is one of the most complicated and important organs in the body. The cornea, as a transparent tissue in front of the eye globe, is the most important optical structure of the eye which reflects the light onto the retina....

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی

Experiences | Dr. Peiman Mosaddegh


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تحت نظارت وف ایرانی