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Conference Papers

International Conference Papers
18. S. Hassanzadeh, F. Goudarzian, P. Mosaddegh, "Developing an Optimized Design of Bioreactors as In-vitro destructive constructs Used for Investigating Cardiovascular Stents Degradation", The 6th International and 17th National Conference on Manufacturing Engineering ICME2021, 2-4 March 2021, Tehran, Iran.
17- E. Bagher, M. A. Hassannia, H. Rahnama, P. Mosaddegh, T. Behzad, "Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Oriented Polylactic acid/Graphene oxide Nanocomposite Films", The 6th International and 17th National Conference on Manufacturing Engineering ICME2021, 2-4 March 2021, Tehran, Iran.
16- E. Bagheri, P. Mosaddegh and T. Behzad, "Effect of Halloysite Addition on Properties of Poly (Lactic Acid)- based Nanocomposites", The 6th International Conference on Composites: Charactrization, Fabrication abd Application (CCFA-6), Dec. 11-12, 2018, Tehran, Iran.
15- A. Ebrahimian, P. Mosaddegh, " Finite Element Analysis for Ring Implantation for Keratoconic Cornea Treatment", ISME2017, 2-4 May, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.
14- A. Ebrahimian, P. Mosaddegh, " Neural Network Analysis for Prediction of Material Property in Human Eye with Keratoconic Cornea", ISME2017, 2-4 May, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran.
13- P. Mosaddegh, R. Koosha, A. Fadaei Tehrani, "Optimizing Computer Controlled-Polishing of Flat Surfaces", ASME 2014 12th Biennial Conference on Engineering Systems Design and Analysis, ESDA2014, June 25-27, 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark.
12- M. Ghobadnam, P. Mosaddegh, N. Namdari, M. Masoomi, A. Ghaei, "Thermo-mechanical Charactrization of High Impact Polystyrene Sheets Using Uniaxial Stress Relaxation Tests", The Bi-annual International Conference on Experimental Solid Mechanics,  X-Mech 2014, Feb 2014, Tehran, Iran.
11- Gleason B., Mosaddegh p., Watchel P., Musgraves J.D., Richardson K., "Using Design of Experiments to Improve Precision Molding of Chalcogenides" SPIE-Optifab 2011, Rochester, NY.

10- Gleason B., Mosaddegh P., Watchel P., Musgraves J.D., Richardson K., "An Introduction to the Dyna Technologies Inc. Precision Molding Machine", SPIE-Optifab 2011, Rochester, NY.

9- Mosaddegh P., Gleason B., Watchel P., Musgraves J.D., Richardson K.,"Sensitivity Analysis on Process Parameters to Press Glass Windows in a Bench-Top Precision Glass Molding Machine" SPIE-Optifab 2011, Rochester, NY.

8- Ostrouchov C., Mosaddegh P., Ziegert J., Musgraves J.D., Joseph P., Joshi D., Watchel P., Richardson K., "A combined Numerical and Experimental Approah to Measuring Gap Conductance for Precision Glass Molding", Materials Science and Technology Conference and Exhibition 2011, MS and T'11, Oct. 2011, PP. 1729-1736, Columbus, OH.
7- Mosaddegh P., Ziegert J.C, Tohme Y., “Friction Measurement in Precision Glass Molding”, ASPE 2010, Nov. 2010, Atlanta, GA.
6- Wachtel P., Mosaddegh P., Gleason B., Musgraves J.D., Richardson K.A., and Dubas B., Painter H., “Bench-Top Precision Glass Molding Machine” ASPE 2010, Nov. 2010, Atlanta, GA
5- P. Mosaddegh, David C. Angstadt, “Viscoelasticity effects of polymeric material in micro injection molding” MSEC2008, Oct. 2008, Chicago, IL
4- P. Mosaddegh and D. C. Angstadt, “Micro-feature replication of cyclic olefin copolymer at elevated mold temperature” ANTEC2008, May 2008, Milwaukee, WI.
3- V. Thakur, P. Mosaddegh, D. C. Angstadt, “Micro-feature replication via polymer molding at ambient pressure” MSEC2007, Oct. 2007, Atlanta, GA.
2- M.R. Movahhedy, P. Mosaddegh, “A study of gyroscopic effects on stability of high speed milling” IMECE2005, Feb. 2005 Orlando, FL.
1- M.R. Movahhedy, P. Mosaddegh, “Dynamic analysis of machine tools spindle in high speed machining” SMEIR2004, March, 2004, Tehran, IR (In Farsi language).


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